Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Turn around Friday 

Forex news for US trading on Feb 12, 2016:
Today was a “turn-around Friday”.  Stocks markets recovered. Oil prices increased by greater than 10%. Gold corrected $8 lower after it’s break higher this week. 10-year note yields moved higher by 9 basis points,  and in the forex market there were some reversals for some of the currency pairs  (USDJPY for one). 

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US stocks end the week on a bullish note

S&P up 1.95% on the day.  The week results are still negative.
The US major stock indices are ending the day with solid gains. 
For the week, however, the results were less than stellar, with Nikkei plunging -12.28% for the week.   The Spanish Ibex was down -6.81%. The France Cac was down -4.89% and the German Dax was down -3.43%. The US fared reasonably well with the S&P only down -0.82% and the Nasdaq down -0.59%. The Dow fell by -1.43%

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S&P index trades at new day highs

Up 1.65% at 1859.29
The S&P index is up 1.65% and trades at new day highs. Yesterday, the index fell below the Jan 20 low of 1812.29 to a new year low at 1810.10. That break failed and the price has continued the move higher today.  The 182.47-1863.67 levels are the next key upside targets (see chart below). 

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